Edward Wright – To Boldly Go…Beyond Books!


2022 jan 15


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Tisztelt érdeklődő! Tájékoztatunk, hogy a foglalás 2022.01.12-én lezárult.

Putting aside the question of split infinitives for now, let’s take a journey through time and space to a point where you want to offer more than course book materials to teach with. Highly illogical maybe? We can’t change the laws of physics but one man can change the present. An enterprising approach to communicative sessions full of student talking time. To boldly go where no teacher has gone before.

Ed has been a mentor teacher and trainer with Katedra language school since 2007. He is passionate about communicative learning styles and immersive techniques. Coming from a business management background, both classroom management and motivational psychology for students and teachers alike are areas of keen interest.

Edward Wright


Edward Wright