Euroexam: Vanja Smoje-Glavaski – Practising grammar, practising communication


2022 jan 15


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Tisztelt érdeklődő! Tájékoztatunk, hogy a foglalás 2022.01.12-én lezárult.

In this session I am going to share some of my favourite grammar activities. There is going to be a strong emphasis on practice that reflects real-life language use, so I will be prioritizing fluency and successful communication, rather than just focusing on accuracy and making no mistakes.

Vanja Smoje-Glavaski is a freelance English teacher and a teacher trainer. She works as a CELTA trainer at International House Budapest and as a teacher at the English Center in Szentendre. She also does training and item writing for Euroexam, and examining for the British Council. In her free time she likes doing yoga, hiking, studying Italian and spending time with her family.

Vanja Smoje-Glavaski


Vanja Smoje-Glavaski