Páli Éva – Reading can be fun AGAIN


2022 jan 15


9:30 am - 10:30 am

Tisztelt érdeklődő! Tájékoztatunk, hogy a foglalás 2022.01.12-én lezárult.

Books are becoming obsolete, nobody reads any more… these are sentences we often hear from people who are worried about young people losing interest in reading. Can this interest revived by enriching reading materials with digital technology and elements of gamification? OUP does hope it CAN.

Páli Éva has an MA from SZTE in English and Russian and currently works as an educational consultant for Oxford University Press. She started teaching in 1989 and has worked in different fields of education – in teacher training and both in secondary and primary education, as well. She has been involved in teacher training since 1992. She has also worked as an examiner, translator and a materials writer before starting to work for OUP.

Páli Éva


Páli Éva